Monday, 2 September 2013

The truth about making money online

Do you know that only 5% out of 100% of people wanting to make money online actually make money online.
What of the remaining 5%?
They end up losing money online.
How did they end up losing money online?
They end up that way because they buy services,products etc from the 5% also known as internet gurus.
Those internet gurus with their sugar and honey coated tongue lie and try to convince the remaining 95% to buy the products and services they offer promising the 95% that they will surely make high amount of money if they buy their products or services,though it can be very hard declining their offers,if you buy from the gurus you will end up with a junk product,software or ebook.
My advice to you is that do not fall to their sugar coated tongues.I almost forgot to tell you this, do not subcribe with your email for an ebook instead use a temporary email like
If you do not understand let me explain further,for example you are offered an ebook for free,all you need to do is to type your email in a box and click the download button or something.
Web hosting
Do not type your email instead use a temporary email,visit for one.
If you actually want to make money online,just setup a blog,update it frequently and post ads on it from an ad company(note;register as a publisher)